Cerro Castillo National Park

Who are we?

Concesión Parque Cerro Castillo

Recently designated as a national park in 2018, our team is working together with the Chilean National Forestry Service (CONAF) to create a national park in which visitors can enjoy hiking trails and expeditions in a remote area on an international scale. But who are we?


Our concession of the Las Horquetas Circuit is headed by a local guide from the town of Cerro Castillo. Owner of a small adventure company, he first began working in tourism in 2005, with more than 15 years of guiding experience in the Cerro Castillo National Park. His company has traditionally spear headed many volunteer projects in the park, working together with Conaf, to improve trails, camp sites, and tourist services in the protected area.

Joining forces with a local family with ancestral roots in the region of Aysén, our goal is to continue offering tourism services for the Cerro Castillo National Park, but on a larger and more permanent scale, maintaining and reinforcing the goal and mission of CONAF to conserve and preserve the park, following the principles of ecotourism to help drive sustainable development in the area of Northern Patagonia.

What are our objectives?

Establish visitor registration areas and improve management of visitor trails in the Cerro Castillo National Park.

Reduce the risks of damaging existing flora and fauna in the park through maintaining excellent trail conditions in a means of reducing our impact on the environment. Better trails equals less erosion and better ecological care for our natural resources.

Improve existing Conaf camping services within the Las Horquetas hiking circuit, including better infrastructure, trails and public services such as tourist information at trail heads. During this initial phase, it is imperative to develop proper tools and information, such as visitor routes, evacuation plans, topographical maps, GPS and GIS data, visitor information data, and other protocols that Conaf has been creating while forming this national park.

Prevent and reduce injuries for visitors along the trails, while improving directional signage and information along the route.

Stimulate the local economy by creating job opportunities for the town of Cerro Castillo as well as internships for the local high school students participating in their tourism program.

The town of Villa Cerro Castillo has become a tourist hotspot in the region and we feel the obligation to create sustainable services that do not have a negative impact on our environment. One way to contribute is to support CONAF in the creation of this new national park while providing their tourism services so that they can focus their work on the conservation of the flora and fauna of the area.

With the increase of adventure tourism and promotions in the Aysén region, the number of visitors that hike the Las Horquetas Circuit is also growing. It is imperative to have better trail information, visitor entry control, and maintenance of trails and camping sites in order to conserve this natural area and at the same time minimize the risks for visitors.


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Our staff are ready to help you plan your trek. Beyond our office team, we also have professional guides in the park who are available to answer questions during your trip. Before sending us an email, please head over to the frequently asked questions to see if your question has already been answered. We look forward to hearing from you!

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