Would you like to participate as a volunteer
in Cerro Castillo National Park?

Voluntario en Parque Cerro Castillo

Time is precious and we know yours is as well. People want to spend their time doing things they enjoy or investing their time in a meaningful way. Travelling, spending time with friends and family, and volunteering are just a few examples. Volunteering in an environmental project is one way you can combine them all.

We invite you to participate as a volunteer in Cerro Castillo National Park!


As the world continues down a path of massive consumerism, conservation is of vital importance to our world.

Here at Travesia Las Horquetas we are thrilled to be involved in one of Patagonia’s newest national parks, protecting and caring for wild places. Conserving and green spaces such as Cerro Castillo is a global effort that takes more than just a local community investing in their future. It takes people like you who are interested in becoming an environmental steward to ensure these lands are protected for years to come.

Why volunteer?

You can help make a difference

Travel to a new or foreign place

Meet locals and create new friendships

Learn a new skill

It’s good for your well-being

So how can you get involved?

Currently we do not have an official volunteer program, but we are always overjoyed to have any visitors willing to give a helping hand. If you are interested in helping our team improve park infrastructure we would love to hear from you!