Parque Cerro Castillo

exploring a new frontier of Aysén Patagonia

Las Horquetas Circuit
An unforgettable trek
Parque Cerro Castillo
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Parque Cerro Castillo


The Las Horquetas Circuit is one of the most popular trails to hike in Patagonia. No crowds, no lodges, just nature and Patagonia at its finest. Our 51 kilometer circuit takes you through the best parts of Cerro Castillo National Park and through two incredible passes so you can stand face to face with the Castillo spires and glaciers. Learn about the native flora and fauna as well as the geological history and formation of this mountain range. Check out our online map for details!


Designated campsites are available along the hiking circuit in hopes of conserving wilderness areas and following official Leave No Trace Principles. We have 6-15 sites available per camping zone where you can easily set up your tent, with close access to water and park bathrooms at each area. There are no hostels or shelters along the circuit, therefore please be sure to read all of our information in the section “Prepare for your Trip”. Our sites offer some of the most spectacular views along the trail!

Prepare for your Trip

Check the suggested equipment to visit Cerro Castillo National Park.

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Are you ready to experience the most beautiful trail in Patagonia? Before you go, read the following links and information to help better prepare for your trek. The Las Horquetas Circuit is through remote mountains in Patagonia, with unstable and quickly changing weather patterns, even in summer months. Be an informed and smart traveler!


Our campsites offer essential services necessary to stay In the park, always with the goal of creating infrastructure in harmony with nature.


We’ve mapped out the best views on the trail, along with routing all the GPS information for you to safely enjoy this national park. Check the official online map here and be sure to take a hard copy as your back up.


One of our goals is to ensure this park is preserved for future generations. Learn more about how you can minimize your impact during your visit in the park!


As one of the main principles of Leave No Trace, being prepared is key. Check out our suggested packing list to be sure you have everything necessary to hike the circuit.