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Code of conduct when visiting the
Cerro Castillo National Park

Código de conducta

While visiting this beautiful national park, we hope each visitor can enjoy the wilderness in peace and quiet, immersed in nature. Be kind and respectful of other visitors by following these suggestions and park rules:


Register with official park administrators before entering the park. Staff are located at the trailheads during park hours.


Respect flora and fauna. For maintaining the fragile ecosystem, it’s important not to remove stones, flowers, sticks, etc. from the park. Please maintain your distance from all wildlife and never threaten them. It’s recommended to stay at least 20 meters away.


Respect other visitors. Please don’t yell and make loud noises that can be mistaken for cries for help or rescue. Don’t play music over loud speakers in campsites and be quiet at night time.


Take your trash with you. There should be nothing left of what you bring in the Park since there is no way to get it out of there. Be aware and keep your trash until you get back to town.


Bonfires are not allowed inside the Cerro Castillo National Park. These damage the soil and can be very dangerous if not controlled.


Smoking is not allowed inside the protected wild areas. There is a high risk of forest fires, in addition to the waste it generates.


Pets, such as dogs and farm animals are not permitted within the park. Domestic animals can have serious impacts on the local flora and wildlife.


Only use designated trails and campsites, thus avoiding the erosion of other areas of the Park and maintaining safety.

Minimize your impact by applying the principles of
“Leave no trace”

Don’t you know them? For more information about why we have these rules, check out the Leave No Trace principles here! Thank you for helping us to preserve this national park and help keep it pristine.

Código de conducta


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