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Zonas de Camping

The Las Horquetas Circuit has designated camping zones approximately every 10 kilometers. Each area has defined spots for tents, as well as rustic tables and out houses. Please remember to camp only in these designated areas to help us take care of the native vegetation and animals, as well as use the bathroom installations to relieve yourself.


Cerro Castillo National Park

Camp Rio Turbio

This spot is a beautiful campsite within the Andean beech forest with ample space and tables for groups. Enjoy this site for resting and exploring the area around Las Horquetas and the Turbio Valley. Visitors can witness the recent regression of glaciers and the new plant life beginning to form in the Turbio Valley as well as a condor nesting area.

Sites: 8
Water: 200 meters away.
Latrine: 1

Camp El Bosque

This area is available for camping; however it will be under renovation during the summer 2019. Just a few steps from the river, the area is now in recuperation and the official campsite has been moved farther down the trail away from the stream. It has a table and out house for groups to share as well as defines camp sites.

Sites: 6
Water: 50 meters away.
Latrine: 1

Camp La Tetera. CLOSED

This campsite was named for a red tea kettle that was found in its place along the trail. Never officially planned as a camping area, visitors began to overnight here because of the amazing views of Cerro Castillo and its glaciers. This season 2020 the camping area is officially closed due to the high impacts caused by visitors over the years. The area is a fragile alpine ecosystem where it has been difficult to manage human waste responsibly. Please respect our policies and create a better experience for everyone by not camping here.

Sites: 8
Water: 150 meters away
Latrine: No

Camp Porteadores

Another camp site with a unique history, Camp Porteadores was born in 2005 after a group of porters set up camp while hauling gear and equipment up the mountain to Camp Neozelandes. The spot became iconic as visitors began to camp here more often. Located near the river, the sites are narrow and it provides little shelter from the mountain wind. Our staff will also be working to improve this camping sector.

Sites: 5
Water: 50 meters away
Latrine: 1

Campamento Neozelandés

One of the best camping áreas, this spot is located in the Parada Valley where the namesake river is born. The site provides panoramic views of part of the Castillo Range with natural glacial cirques and spires. The area has plenty of space for groups to rest for the night. As the highest camp site along the circuit, park visitors can experience poor weather more frequently, even in the summer months.

Sites: 15
Water: 150 meters away
Latrine: 1


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Zonas de Camping


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