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In this section we hope to answer any doubts you may have regarding the Cerro Castillo National Park and especially the Las Horquetas Circuit. In case you do not find what you are looking for, remember to browse the different sections of our Website, or contact us.
What is the level of difficulty of Las Horquetas Circuit?
The 51 kilometers of trail cover to mountain passes that are extremely exposed. Poor weather increases the difficulty of these passes as well as the loose rocks and steep inclines/declines.
What is the best time of year to hike the trail?
The months between January and March are excellent times to hike the circuit because temperatures are moderate and there is less wind. November, December and April are very unstable and it’s possible to find snow at the camps.
What dangers exist on the circuit?
There are several places where the trail is dangerous. Because of its nature and alpine setting, there are several zones with loose rock scree where one can fall. Additionally the high winds that can be experienced while crossing the saddles create more risks.
Are there professional guides in the park for hire?
There are no guides or porters for hire directly in the park, but in the city of Coyhaique as well as the town of Cerro Castillo guide companies are available. Our staff monitors and patrols the trail daily as well as help visitors with information and directions within the park.
Are there places to stay along the trail?
The camp sites provide basic services, such as outhouses, but there are no hostels or mountain huts along the circuit.
preguntas frecuentes

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